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    We tried several different property buyers and this one came up trumps, the best offer by a country mile! Good all round service and we were moved quicker than we thought.Janice Shuttleworth

    Thanks Alan, you did a sterling job. We actually received more than one of the three estate agents who valued our home.Jason Wells

    We got a quick sale of our home in just over 4 weeks. Top notch bunch of guys! Ellen Grundy

    Took this with a pinch of salt and kept it advertised with the estate agent. I was shocked when the contracts arrived at our lawyers only one week later!. Thank you!Delia Johnson

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      Sell your house fast for cash
      Sell your house fast for cash.

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      Why ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’ is the solution for you:

      If you’re in one or more of the following situations, then we can help:

      Relocation or Emigrating

      Are you relocating or emigrating? Maybe you have a new job or are retiring to pastures new. Whatever the reason, you can sell your property fast with our help! We buy houses in the UK fast; therefore, you can skip the dreaded and stressful property chain!

      In financial difficulty

      Need to pay bills and release valuable equity in your property? If so, your priority is a quick stress-free sale without the fuss.  ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’ is the best property buying company solution for you.

      Facing the repossession of your home

      Are you facing the repossession of your home? We offer a quick house sales service to allow you to release the equity in your home, rather than losing it. The sooner you contact us then, the faster we can put a stop to any repossession

      Divorce or Separation

      Divorcing or separating can be an emotional and heartbreaking time. The last thing you need to worry about is the marital home. The best solution could be a quick property sale at a price you’re happy.  We’ll buy your property fast, so you’ve less to think about at this stressful time.

      Inherited a property

      Have you a property inheritance? Inheriting a property can be a nightmare, especially if from a deceased estate and the property proceeds are to be divided between many relatives. Squabbling and falling out may occur, even between close family members.

      Other problems may surface as some inherited properties can be a money-pit as they are often old and dilapidated, or need upgrading. Costs can quickly escalate even to get up to a standard for selling. Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution. Don’t bother with expensive or even minor repairs. We’ll but your home just as it is!

      Lifestyle changes

      Are you getting older or perhaps more infirm and need to make changes to your lifestyle?

      Your health often deteriorates with age and the family home may become completely unsuitable. What is a two-story house may need to be a bungalow if stairs or mobility become a problem?

      Lifestyle changes may include children or relatives moving out of your home. All of a sudden, it’s too big, and with retirement looming, running costs need considering carefully,

      Sell Property Fast Cash can purchase your property enabling you to scale down to a smaller and cheaper home more suitable to any lifestyle changes required

      Environmental factors

      Do you live in a property affected by changes in the environment?

      If there was ever a good reason for selling up and moving, then living near a river or flood plain which caused damage to your property is it!

      Sell property fast cash
      Sell property fast cash

      ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’ buy homes anywhere and in any condition in the UK. Even if your property is damaged by water due to flooding, we’ll buy it quickly, and at a price, you’ll find attractive. We will pay up to 100% of the market value.

      Needing repair or refurbishment

      Dilapidated property - fixer upper
      Dilapidated property – a fixer-upper

      Does your home need substantial repairs or refurbishment? Is the cost of repairs too much? Maybe your property has subsidence or something even more severe!

      We can help with a quick sale of your property. Forget expensive property repairs and get an offer from a cash buyer today!

      Property Lease

      Are you living on a property with a short lease?

      Short lease homes can be a problem, especially if you’re looking for security in the knowledge that there’s a roof over your head! Sometimes property leases cannot extend beyond their agreed term and options are limited. Properties with shorter leases are often more challenging to sell on the open market; therefore, a second option could be to sell to us.

      Whatever your reason for selling Sell Property Fast Cash will purchase your home on an instant and at no cost to you


      How easy is it to sell my home using your service?

      Selling your home with us is as easy as one, two, three!

      1. Apply instantly online
      2. Agree on the price
      3. Set a moving date

      Why should I choose Sell Property Fast Cash?

      1. Simple application process
      2. We’ll obtain quotes from several cash buyers
      3. We have several different selling options dependant on your needs and how fast you need to sell your home.

      What are the pros of selling my property to ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’?

      We are part of one of the largest organisations dealing in quick home sales in the UK, with over a thousand inquiries a year and over twenty thousand motivated sellers since 2011.

      Sell Property Fast Cash, and their partners can provide:

      • Free instant online valuation
      • Formal professional valuation
      • No nonsense hassle-free sale
      • Fast decision to buy your home

      We ensure that the whole process is easy, simple and hassle-free

      Follow our three-step process for selling your property quickly:

      1. Complete our online quote form or call 0800 669 6784 to receive a free cash offer within 24 hours!
      2. Agree the price offered and we’ll take care of the rest, including any legal fees and instructing Solicitors
      3. Set a moving date and get packing!

      More FAQs

      Why use Sell Property Fast Cash instead of an estate agent?

        1. Traditional and online estate agents cannot get away from the dreaded property chain. Delays can run into months or years even after you’ve found a buyer! We avoid property chains altogether by providing a quick purchase sale solution. You avoid hanging around for an eternity risking both buyers and sellers in the chain causing it to collapse at any time.
        2. Estate agents will require your home to look it’s best all the times in case a viewing suddenly crops up. In practical terms, you’ll need to spruce up and declutter your home and pack the pets and kids away during property viewings. We don’t mind how your home looks or if the garden is overgrown or walls need a lick of paint! Just agree on a moving date, and when you’ve moved out, our team will deal with everything else.

      How are the value of my home and the price you offer, calculated?

      Our experienced team of experts will assess your home’s value through various online property valuation tools and local property professionals if needed. We can then offer a competitive price much faster than most estate agents.

      What if my home has substantial repairs needed, including structural problems?

      If your property appears to be unsound and in need of substantive repairs, then we’ll ask a structural surveyor to examine it and provide estimates for repair. We then include the cost of repair in any offer we make. Some properties which are not structurally sound and not mortgageable may still be safe enough to rent out. Therefore a purchase is still possible.

      Once I agree to sell my home to you, what are the next steps?

      We will instruct solicitors who will take care of the majority of the legal transfer of the property. To successfully transfer the house to us, we will carry out the majority of the work. The Solicitor will ask you a few basic questions about the property, and you need to prepare to sign contracts quicker than you may think. Once contracts exchanged, the sale is guaranteed.

      Are there any fees, charges or costs to pay?

      There should be no costs, charges or fees to pay. We usually cover all expenses in the house buying process, including legal fees! There’ll be no immediate deductions, as what we agree is what you’ll receive into your bank account.

      Do you buy other properties too or just houses?

      We usually buy a terrace,-semi-detached and detached houses including apartments and flats. However, we can buy shops, apartments, offices, commercial buildings, in fact, anything! If we don’t buy your property, then there’s every likelihood that one of our partner companies will.

      We buy properties nationwide and whatever the age or condition, even if substantial repairs or improvements are needed.

      What if I have mortgage arrears or am going through a divorce?

      Our objective is to give you a quick house sale solution where you achieve what you need for your property promptly.

      We help stop the repossession of your home by providing the mortgage company with details of the offer we make and our ability to follow it through to a satisfactory conclusion. If separating or going through a divorce, the same applies. We aim to provide a fast sale of your home so that you can divide the proceeds of the marital home promptly. If you need mortgage advice, please visit the Money Advice Service.

      How fast will I receive monies into my account from selling quickly to you?

      ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’, and our partners can often complete a sale within seven days. Usually, it takes up to four weeks for you to receive the monies into your account. As soon as you complete our inquiry form, our team will move as quickly as you want, organising the valuation and making you a formal offer!

      What documents are needed from me when selling my home fast to you?

      Estate agents have to follow specific rules and procedures when selling houses, as required by the Property Ombudsman. These rules are everything from money laundering to how your property advertised, i.e., the description. The estate agent will be back and forth with your solicitor and then your buyer’s solicitor when a sale is agreed. Inevitably delays will occur.

      Sell Property Fast Cash do not need ‘property particulars’, and there is no requirement for your home to be marketed in any way. The only consideration is for you to answer any queries about the property quickly so we can meet your selling timescale expectations.

      What about a Solicitor, do I need one?

      Sell Property Fast Cash and our partners only use trusted, efficient Solicitors who get the job done without any drama and do not cause any unnecessary delays. If you prefer to use your Solicitor rather than one we recommend, then this is perfectly acceptable to us. However, your solicitor deal with all the paperwork quickly and proactively.

      What if I change my mind or my circumstances have changed?

      There’ll come the point where you’ve signed the contract to sell your home, and you’ll be legally obliged to sell at a price agreed. However, if you change your mind before this happens, then you can usually withdraw from the sale without any financial penalty. The same applies if your circumstances change and you can again pull out without any costs.

      I’m selling; will my details be kept private and confidential?

      I don’t want my neighbours, family or friends finding out. If you have contacted us directly and not through any other agent, then naturally we’ll keep your inquiry and details confidential as per our terms and conditions and privacy policy.

      We assure you that everything is confidential throughout the entire process, including all property valuations and surveys as well as all contact and correspondence with the Solicitors. Try us now; we are one of the quickest house sale companies in the UK!

      Top tips for selling your home fast

      Need to sell your house quickly, or struggling to find a buyer? Follow our top tips if you need to sell your home in a hurry.

      1. Presentation – How best to present your house for sale
      2. Decoration – house decor tips
      3. Home Improvements – Home improvement ideas for your kitchen
      4. For Sale Board Outside House Marketing
      5. Property Architect Plans Incentives
      6. House Auction Gavel
      7. Other purposes ideas

      First impressions – How to present your home for selling

      Try and imagine yourself in a prospective buyers shoes when trying to get a fast sale of your home. What standards would you expect when looking around your property? The obvious answer is light, airy, uncluttered, neat and tidy, with modern fittings. Throw in a neutral colour scheme throughout. It needn’t cost an arm and a leg if you’re on a budget!

      Outdoor space – the garden

      Everyone likes to enjoy outside space, whether enjoying the elements, a glass of wine or a barbecue. Sometimes space is at a real premium, with only a balcony or terrace serving as the only outdoor space. All the more reason to give it some extra thought and attention to make your buyers picture themselves enjoying that space.

      Cut the grass:

      Tall uncut grass is a sign of an unloved garden. Tidy it up, cut the grass and kill the weeds and leave neat and tidy to appeal to potential buyers. Get the recycling bins out the way. The last thing viewers want to see is household refuse strewn around the bin area, or even worse, blown all over the garden. Consider buying or building a bin store, or screening off an area to hide out of sight.

      Screen off your rubbish disposal:

      Recycling bins are a necessity, but with so many different ones, disposing of the household rubbish can become unsightly. Screen off your rubbish disposal altogether with a wooden bin store, or something similar.

      Make it private:

      Some simple fencing or a fast-growing hedge can turn an overlooked garden into a private haven. If the garden or sitting out area is forgotten, it puts off many buyers.

      Your property outdoors

      It might sound a cliche, but kerb appeal does matter. Often buyers have already decided to purchase on viewing your home for the first time. So don’t just focus on the inside take care of the outside of your home too.

      Visibility matters:

      Dirty windows shout of an uncared for home, so clean them thoroughly, hoover the curtains or clean the blinds. All these small things can have a significant impact on viewers. Looking out through sparkling windows also helps when looking in too, improving the overall appearance of your home.

      Finding the right property address:

      Ensure your house is found easily with a number or name. Replace the house sign if it’s is a little tatty or tired, as this is your potential buyer’s first impression of your home.

      A well lit home with appropriate lighting is welcoming.

      When it gets dark at night, particularly in the winter months, turn on the outside lights. Not only will your home feel more secure, but the lighting will also highlight its better features. Buyers may drive by in the evening to see how their new home looks at night. Leave the odd table lamp on, and it will give out an inviting glow to passers-by.

      Trees, hedges, and bushes need attention.

      If any are overhanging or spoiling the view or access to your home, then cut them back! Some shrubs or bushes can take over and make your home dark and unappealing.

      Home staging

      Home staging is usually associated with house builders or property developers selling new homes. But if it works for them, then it can work for you too, creating the perfect first impressions.

      Clean & tidy:

      A clean and tidy home is a pleasure to behold. Anyone viewing your home doesn’t want to see last evenings dinner plates or the kid’s toys strewn all over the living room. With everything in its place, your home will seem organised and spacious. Remember, buyers have to see themselves living there.

      Set the dinner table:

      Think that you are entertaining your friends or family for the evening and get out your best cutlery, plates and wine glasses. Again any prospective buyers need to imagine a dinner party in what might be their next home.

      Make the beds:

      Like the decor in your house, use neutral colours for bedding and accessorise with cushions or flowers if you want to add a little colour to the room. Fresh, clean linen will give the people the impression they’ve just walked into a luxury hotel bedroom.

      The bathroom

      Put bleach in the toilet and make sure the lid is down. Put some scented diffusers and leave the window slightly open to give that impression of fresh and clean. Add some new fluffy towels. Don’t forget the toilet rolls, make every last detail perfect.

      Inside lighting:

      Like the outside, consider the lighting on the inside. Turning on lamps helps to make the rooms cosy and inviting and brightens up dark corners. Consider using dimmers on the lights then they can be adjusted according to the lighting or time of day.

      Smells good, looks good – feels good!

      Bad odours are probably the biggest turn off for anyone looking around your home. Greasy cooking smells or a lingering scent from last nights curry may well put people off. Open the windows, use different essential oils with diffusers according to the type of smells you want to mask.

      If odours are ingrained, then use a carpet shampoo and consider a coat of paint on the ceiling and walls to freshen it up. Just before your viewings arrive, put some fresh coffee on and get a roast or cake cooking in the oven to create those homely smells that everyone loves!

      Temperature control:

      A house too hot or too cold will definitely dissuade buyers, so keep the temperature just right for the time of year, cool and breezy in summer and warm and cosy in the winter months.

      Seasonal flowers are a great prop:

      Different colours and varieties of flowers can change a room, just like a picture on the wall or different coloured cushions on the settee. Most importantly, make sure the flowers are fresh and alive to give that feel-good factor.


      So many house sellers fail to declutter and get rid of the rubbish. Decluttering makes rooms look much more spacious. Even if your ‘clutter’ is essential, pack some of it away for a week or so until you’ve finished viewings, it may just pay dividends!

      Keep the entrance doorway clear:

      Pretty obvious? Fighting past bikes or a heavily laden coat rack isn’t exactly the best first impression for buyers. Clear the entrance hallway of any obstacles, including junk mail; it could be your best tip!

      Revert rooms to their original use:

      Maybe you use the spare bedroom as a dressing room or the dining room as an office. Anyone viewing your property needs to see a three bedroomed house with three bedrooms, and other standard rooms used the same way. Using your home the way it is designed is probably maximising value.

      The Decor

      Substitute patterned, ripped or torn wallpaper:

      Heavily patterned wallpaper use to be all the rage in the 1970’s sadly now it’s not everyone’s cup of tea! Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s right when selling your home. Look around decorating shops, and you’ll see that subtle, neutral colours are the order of the day. Torn or damaged wallpaper can be stripped off and replaced with paint. If the walls are a little rough, then heavy-duty lining paper can be used instead and painted a neutral colour.

      Paint the woodwork:

      Touching up old or flaking paintwork is another quick fix to freshen up your home. Invariably everyday living takes its toll, from the kids bashing their toys to the hoover catching doors and skirting boards. Give them a fresh coat of paint or touch them up. If the woodwork is old and damaged then use a Matt finish as it tends to hide blemishes more than a shiny gloss finish. While you’re tending to doors, frames and skirtings, look up and freshen up any coving or ceilings.

      Don’t paint over a problem:

      There’s no point in masking a problem, such as unsightly damp, mould or an infestation. If the problem is something simple like a mouldy patch, then remove old wallpaper and seal the walls with some PVA solution before repainting or redecorating.

      If the problem is something more sinister, like damp, then identify the root cause and fix it whether, a leaking drain outside, a window needing sealing or a missing slate on the roof. Any damp smells will disappear when the problem is fixed, and it will no longer be a health hazard.

      If the problem is something much more severe, such as wood rot, then bite the bullet and get in the professionals to have it properly fixed. Any homebuyers surgery is going to identify something as serious as wood rot so deal with it now rather than later.

      Refurbish and renew:

      Refurbish old wooden floors or strip down wooden doors and instil some shabby chic: Older properties more often have wooden doors, frames, and wood floors. It can be a significant expense to replace or refurbish the property. Consider sanding down and painting a neutral matt colour or go the whole hog, strip right back, and wax or stain according to your tastes.

      Change tired or worn carpets:

      You’ve probably put off changing old outdated, tired or worn carpets because of the expense. But changing them can give your home a real boost. Change that smelly old heavily patterned carpet for a fresh new one, pick a neutral colour and your property will be much more inviting for potential buyers.

      Home improvements – which ones add the most value when selling quickly?

      Refurbishing the kitchen and or bathroom are the two most essential home improvements add value and to help sell your home quickly. Of course, be prepared to spend a little money. New kitchens and bathrooms don’t come cheap, although you should be able to recoup any money spent reflected in the selling price.

      The kitchen

      It’s simple; kitchens sell houses. Consider fitting a new kitchen if yours is looking for more than just a little tired. If your budget is low, then there are other things you can do to revitalise the essential room in the house – for selling purposes!

      • Change the worktops – it might not be as expensive as you think! Instead of expensive granite or quartz, go for a high-grade laminate.
      • Tired or worn cupboard doors – sand down and repaint a lovely eggshell colour. Replace broken or wonky door hinges.
      • Kitchen tiles can be replaced (messy depending on how well they’re stuck on) or tiled or plastered over for a beautiful new clean look

      Bathroom improvement tips

      • Neutral colours
      • Replace old fittings
      • Install a new bathroom suite with a shower

      Imagine walking into a fancy hotel bathroom, what’s the first thing you notice? It’s generally all white with maybe the odd feature wall. But it’s a neutral colour, not sky blue or a sickly avocado colour (popular in the 1970s!) And usually, there is a shower or bath, or more likely both.

      Buyers expect to see a certain standard in bathrooms, but it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If your bathroom needs replacing altogether and you’re on a budget, then look for the end of line deals or ex-display stock. Again, if the budget is critical, then it may be quicker and simpler to skim the walls and give them a coat of water-resistant paint.

      Other rooms and general home improvements to make your home sell quicker

      Improving the bathroom and kitchen are pretty important but don’t neglect other places or outside the house. If the budget allows, then look for improvements which increase light, space, views and improve appearance.

      Adding a new Velux or window can dramatically alter a room, especially if previously dark and dingy. Maybe a window added will open up a beautiful view over previously unseen features.

      Replace broken, or unsightly paving slabs is a relatively quick and inexpensive way to help a sale of your home. Avoid this by placing a new wooden shed over the offending slabs, creating extra outdoor storage.

      Re-Turf or reseed the lawn. Again pretty obvious, fast (if seeding) and will make a massive difference for selling if all you have is scrubland full of weeds. Add a bench or two (which can be taken with you when you move), and potential buyers can visualise themselves enjoying your garden!

      How best to market your home

      The best properties in the most prestigious location and offered for sale at an attractive price, might not sell. Why? Because the features are not adequately marketed. Without a sound marketing plan from an experienced agent, you might accept an offer a lot less than the real value of your home.

      Why not:

      Shop around for an Estate Agent

      Shop around for a good estate agent. All the best agents recognise the power of online advertising portals such as Rightmove, Zoopla and ‘On the Market’. Usually, most agents will use at least two of the online portals to market your home for sale. Look at the online listings of these agents and see how they present similar properties to yours. Do the property descriptions sound appealing? Are there any obvious grammatical mistakes or spelling errors? What are the property photographs like, has someone taken the time and effort to take good photos or are they just thrown together without any thought? Many agents use full angle lens cameras to take pictures to give the impression of size and space.

      Try Multi-Agency selling

      Consider multi-agency, i.e., using more than one estate agent. Multi-agency is common in some parts of the UK. Many agents will insist on sole-agency, but there is no reason why you have to accept this. Check with several agents if they are prepared to work together to sell your home. The downside of using more than one estate agent is cost. Usually, the agent that secures the sale will charge higher fees to reflect the time and effort put in and the risk that might not get paid!

      Free or low-cost portal advertising

      Advertise on free or low-cost portals such as gumtree or craigslist. Don’t discount the power of some of these cheap or free online portals which sell a multitude of goods and services. Apart from the fact they get a lot of visitors, google will index their listings too. So a search for ‘two-bed property for sale in London’ might pull up your listing and find you a buyer. Of course, there is no issue in advertising with a local estate agent and putting a free advert on gumtree as well, thereby boosting your chance of finding a buyer.

      Don’t forget Social Media!

      Use social media such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter either solely or in addition to paid methods above. Facebook has a wealth of local groups for buying and selling, so post your property for sale in several groups. Facebook is all about sharing, so share with family and friends and groups local to your house for sale. If using a local agent and they take good photos then ask permission to use the same images to post on social media. Put a link back to the agent, therefore allowing them to deal with any enquiries professionally.

      For Sale board

      Use a ‘house for sale board ‘. It’s pretty obvious but often overlooked. Many prospective buyers drive around the areas where they want to live and might see the ‘for sale board’ and book a viewing. Sometimes buyers discount properties they see online as unsuitable but seeing your home via a drive-by might get them interested. Half the battle is getting viewings.

      The more viewings, the more chance someone will make an acceptable offer to buy your house. Check the for sale board is visible, consider asking the agent to put another board at the bottom of the street if your street is an offshoot of the main thoroughfare.


      Floorplans are essential. Why? Because many buyers need to plot how their furniture is going to fit, or maybe how they can rearrange the accommodation to best suit their needs. Floor Plans usually have measurements, too, which is invaluable from the buyer’s perspective.

      Put a for sale board up: Whether you use an estate agent or you’re selling your home yourself, make sure a for sale board is prominently displayed outside the property. Doing so will let passing traffic and pedestrians know that your home is on the market. Don’t forget to put ‘for sale’ boards at the side or rear of the property if visible to the public.

      More ideas for selling

      Other approaches to sell your home may include online auctions, marketing to foreign buyers or property investors. If your house is popular with viewing requests, then consider an open house viewing to cut down on time and separate the wheat from the chaff, and hopefully secure a serious buyer.

      Does your home stand out from the competition?

      Make your home stand out from the competition! Whether a price reduction or added feature such as planning consent for an extra bedroom or conservatory, or changing the use of the property, could prove cost-effective. Remember, you don’t have to do the work, but putting ideas out there and making it easy to follow through, might tip the scales in your favour.

      Give a discount or incentive

      Give financial incentives to buyers. Financial incentives may include a discount for a quick sale, rebating solicitors fees or offering to pay the stamp duty. Remember, stamp duty paid is in addition to the purchase price. Therefore rather than reduce the cost, reduce the same amount in terms of the stamp duty, which will assist those buying with the help of a mortgage.

      Other options for selling your home

      Sell your home using an auction process, either online or offline, is an excellent method, especially for selling a property in a hurry.

      Use a specialist estate agent who concentrates on selling properties quickly. These estate agents will have a steady stream of qualified cash buyers who purchase homes quick in return for a good discount.

      Quick house sale companies like ‘Sell Property Fast Cash’ can buy in an instant or will have one or more property buying firms with cash funds to acquire your home today.

      Want to ask a question?

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