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10 Proven Packing Tips for Moving House

Packing tips for moving house

We give you 10 proven packing tips for moving house! They say that moving house is one of life’s most stressful events. Not only is there a lot of work involved, but the emotion of the process can also be overwhelming. Anything you can do to make this huge event a little more bearable is usually welcome.

We’ve put together a few packing tips for moving house. They should save you a lot of time and worry.

1. Choose a trustworthy removal firm is the most important packing tip!

Moving your entire worldly goods is fraught with stress and the potential for damage. But if you have an experienced removal firm helping you, there’s a lot you can delegate. Research the local market, as well as national operators. Search for customer testimonials on independent review sites, and ask around for recommendations on home forums and discussion boards.

If you have niche items or furniture to move, check that the removal company can transport them safely. In some cases, special equipment may be necessary. And make sure the firm has comprehensive insurance for damage and injury.


2. Pack in advance

This is one of the most important moving house packing tips you’ll ever receive. The moment you decide to move should be the moment you decide to start packing. Start with the small items, such as ornaments, crockery and personal possessions. Dedicate a space in your home for packed boxes — it’ll keep your home in reasonable order until you leave.

3. Pack a room at a time

When you start packing in earnest, tackle one room at a time. Individually wrap fragile items, and pack them in cardboard boxes with lots of bubble wrap. Once each box is full, write the room on the top, which should help you when you’re carrying your stuff into your new home.

4. Fill boxes

Protect your items by making sure they don’t have room to move when they’re in transit. Put as many of your possessions in each box as you can — without making it too heavy to lift safely. Fill any remaining space with old newspaper, bubble wrap or polystyrene.

5. Declutter

Don’t pack anything that you don’t need. This is a great time to gather those items that have been cluttering up your home for too long. Create a collection of items for the rubbish, a collection for charity, and another to sell. This should make the moving process a little easier, and it’ll ensure that clutter in your new home is kept to a minimum.

6. Make sure essentials can be easily accessed

Make sure all the essentials you’ll need in your home almost straight away are easily accessible. If you’ll be drinking lots of tea when you arrive, make sure the bags and the kettle can be unpacked immediately. The same goes for food, toiletries and other everyday essentials.

7. Start with the room you use least

moving house packing tips

Don’t make the final days in your current home harder than they have to be. The less clutter and mess there is in your main living spaces the more bearable the process will be. Pack up the rooms you use least before you start with your living room and kitchen etc. These rooms might include a guest room or a rarely-used dining room.

8. Stack heavy boxes at the bottom

If you need to stack boxes — either in your home or in your vehicle — always put the heaviest boxes at the bottom to minimise the chances of damaging what’s underneath. And make sure any breakables (china etc.) are stacked at the top.

9. Have a moving party

Moving to a new home is often a major milestone in life — and a happy one. What better way to celebrate it than with the most important people in your life? Ask them around to share in your joy… and maybe to lend a hand with the heavy lifting.

10. Perform a systematic check of each room before you leave

Just before you lock the door for the last time, perform a systematic search of your home for anything you’ve forgotten. Start at the top of the house, and work your way down — room by room. Make sure you check behind doors and inside cupboards and storage areas. Don’t forget any outhouses such as sheds and garages.

These ten packing tips for moving should help to make your big day less stressful. And they may actually allow you to enjoy what should be an exciting experience.

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