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5 Tried and Tested Tips for Selling a House Fast

5 top tips for selling your home fast

Selling your house fast? 5 tried and tested tips

According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, house sales were “losing momentum” throughout 2019. House sales are flat, yet average house prices are still relatively buoyant. The uncertainty of Brexit and sluggish economic growth are having a significant effect on the number of house buyers on the market.

If you need to sell a house faster in the UK, you might need to start being a little more canny with your approach whether you need to relocate for a new job or raise cash for your imminent retirement, the following tips can help you to find a house buyer fast.

1. Welcome buyers into your home

Welcoming home
Welcome buyers into your home

House buyers want to feel at home the minute they enter a prospective property. Make people feel comfortable in your home, and they’re much more likely to imagine themselves living there.

The first thing to do is de-personalise. What does this mean? Well, it means stripping away as much of your personality as possible; it means creating a blank canvas. Do this, and prospective buyers will project their personality onto your property.

Start by decluttering. If it doesn’t serve an everyday purpose, hide it. Also, remove pictures, awards, keepsakes, heirlooms and anything that has personal meaning to you and your family. If you need some inspiration, visit a developer’s showroom for home staging tips.

According to Rightmove, a staged home can fetch up to 8% more on the open market than an unstaged one.

2. Always be ready for visitors

House ready for visitors
Getting the house ready for viewings

It’s essential to keep your home looking neat, tidy and welcoming throughout the property viewing stage of the house selling process. After all, you never know when a last-minute viewing might come along.

Rather than rushing around to get your home tidy, make sure your property is in a constant state of readiness. Keep toys, magazines, books and personal possessions out of view when they’re not in use. There are several ways you can remain ready at all times:

  • Wash dishes immediately after meals
  • Make your beds as soon as you rise in the morning
  • Vacuum your floors every morning and as necessary throughout the day
  • Bake! The smells you create will add to the welcoming environment you’re trying to create
  • Create a cleaning checklist and rota for all your family
  • Pay extra attention to the busiest rooms in your home when cleaning (bathroom, kitchen and living room)

3. Provide full access to buyers

Half opened door into the beautiful summer terrace and blooming garden
Provide full access to buyers

Maximise your chances of finding a house buyer quickly by making your home available for viewings at all times. Of course, there are limitations. You don’t want to be hosting midnight viewings. But if you can make your property available until the early evening every day, you’ll garner maximum interest.

Providing this sort of access might be tricky, primarily if you work full time, is where a great estate agent comes in. They’ll be able to host viewings for you, provided you trust them. Also, ask friends and family to wait in for prospective buyers if you can’t.

The more your home is available for viewings, the faster it will sell.

4. Be flexible on price

Let's Discuss
Let’s Discuss price

It’s natural to want the best price for your property. But if your priority is a quick sale, you might need to make a compromise on price. The most eye-catching step you can take when selling a house is reducing the asking price.

“Priced to Sell” on your property listing will attract a much more extensive range of potential buyers. Aim for the lower end of the property price scale for your area. Or if the need to sell your house fast is pressing, undercut the market by offering buyers a bargain, below-average price.

5. Forge constructive partnerships

Constructive partnerships
Forge constructive partnerships

Many hands make light work when selling a home. The more help you have, the faster you’ll find a buyer. The most crucial partner, any homeowner, can have is an estate agent.

An experienced professional with knowledge of the local market brings a great deal to the table. Whether it’s pinpointing the optimum asking price for a quick sale or knowing which demographic groups to target, an agent’s services can be invaluable.

There are alternatives to traditional estate agents, of course. There are so-called “quick house sale” companies that can broker a fast house sale in exchange for a modest price discount. There are also online estate agents and various online tools that help you to take charge of the process.

To sell a house fast, you need to prepare your home, set the right asking price and enlist expert help where necessary. Do all three, and you have the recipe for a speedy property sale.

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