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Do Sell Home Fast Schemes Really Work?

If you are thinking about selling your home fast to a property company, we have laid out a few points for your consideration before making your decision. There are many types of sell home fast companies in the United Kingdom, but there is only a small number that deserve to call themselves Home Buyers, or Sell Home Fast Agents, ones who can actually cater to your needs and complete on a property sale quickly.

Do your Research & Homework!

The first steps and probably the most important are to check the company’s reputation. Does the company do what they claim on their website? Most important, can they really sell home fast as they claim they can? Don’t be afraid to ask for references and demand further information to be certain.

Can I really receive 100% from a Sell Home Fast Company?

Nowadays it is becoming more and more apparent that you will see companies offering a guaranteed 100% of the market valuation for a quick sale. We can assure you that such companies are False and Unethical. After all, there wouldn’t be any need for estate agents and the whole hassle of people traipsing through your home.

These companies work in One of 2 Ways:

1. Such companies simply trick people by down-valuing the property, subsequently making an offer which seems to be at market value.

2. They will get you to agree at the real market value and ask you to sign a very loose agreement with them. After several weeks into the sales process they may ask you to drop the purchase price.

At Sell Property Fast Cash, we work tirelessly with our solicitors to provide you, the vendor, with a contract that ensures that this will not happen. The agreement with us is for the purchase price agreed and does not leave any loophole for the property price to be dropped at any point during the sale. This means you can rest assured that the price agreed is the price you will receive.

The Sell Home Fast Reality:

In reality we would all like to be able to do business offering 100% of the property value and providing you with a fast property sale but in truth and certainty, this is not the case! The companies that do this tend to be the ones that are not going out to property investors, they are merely doing the job of an estate agent and advertising your property on property portals such as and The small discount will be appealing to a household buyer but it is important to remember that household buyers are not looking for a quick purchase. They may be in a chain or still looking for a buyer for their current property which could take months to finalise. This could mean you are effectively giving someone claiming to be a quick homebuyer a discount to sell your property just as your local estate agent would do for a true full market value.

Always get a Second Opinion:

Don’t settle for the first best. Get multiple offers from different homebuyers and sell home fast companies. Compare if the purchase price, completion time and fees, if any, cater to what you set out to achieve.

The Guarantee!

At, we provide all callers with an honest market value, a competitive purchase price and a unique, quick home sale! Call us today on 0800 669 6784 to receive your No Obligation Valuation and Purchase Offer.

By John Gasior

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