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Inexpensive Ways to Develop Your Property

Home Staging

If you’re trying to sell your home it’s a good idea to spruce it up a little and present it to potential buyers with it looking at its best. Developing your property ready to go on the market doesn’t have to cost a fortune; there are plenty of simple, cheap ways to get your house looking more like a show home:


Too much clutter in your home can be very distracting to potential buyers. They’ll find it more difficult to picture themselves living in the house if all they can see is your DVD collection piled up in the corner next to that bag of stuff you keep meaning to take to the charity shop. It’s also worth remembering that when you do eventually sell your house you’ll have to declutter while you’re packing anyway, so why not do it in advance to attract more buyers to your clean and clutter-free home!

Deep Clean

Once you’ve cleared out some of your clutter it’s time to give the house a really good clean. Start by focussing on areas that rarely get cleaned like skirting boards, windows, grouting, etc. Hire a steam cleaner to spruce up your carpets and inject some new life into them. If you find that you have stains that just won’t shift, try some strategically placed rugs! Wipe the walls and clear any dust and cobwebs from the ceiling. It’s also a good idea to clean your blinds and curtains, especially if you have pets or smokers in the house.

Garden Maintenance

Your garden is one of the first things that a potential buyer will see when they come to view your house so make sure it’s well kept. Mow the lawn, remove weeds and prune any hedges or large bushes. Plant flowers in pots to brighten up the garden; pots are easy for you to take with you when you move house too.


Giving your house a fresh lick of paint is a great way to brighten it up and make it more appealing to potential buyers. It’s best to stick with neutral colours such as cream and magnolia as this allows potential buyers to view the property as a blank canvas that they can make their own mark on. If you can’t afford to repaint the whole house then just do the skirting boards and picture rails to brighten the place up a little.

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By: John Gasior

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