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Liverpool House Buyers

Are you looking to sell your home fast? You can sell property fast in Liverpool by connecting our Liverpool home buyer experts. Liverpool is the biggest city and metropolitan borough in Lancashire, on the east side of the Mersey Estuary in North-West England. With a population of more than 460,000 residents it makes up an urban area totalling 2.25 million people, a large housing and economic market. Our property experts are always busy managing fast property sales over the Liverpool area.

Liverpool Docks

Liverpool Property Market

Prices of Liverpool properties have varied greatly since 2006. Detached properties have risen in value while terraced houses, semi-detached houses and flats have dropped. This explains why Liverpool properties are such good value and much in demand by the new home buyer and buy-to-let landlord.

Properties for sale in Liverpool have increased in numbers since 2007 and there are plenty of properties available for the continuing demand. There has been a market variation in availability, with semi-detached properties and flats showing a rise of 3% and 12% respectively. However the number of terraced houses for sale has increased by 38%.

So if you have a property in Liverpool for sale you have a very good chance of making a quick sale if your price is keen. Sellers are putting their property on the market, keeping prices flat for anyone who has a property to sell. But this means that buyers see the market as good value for quality properties at a reasonable price.

When you get your Liverpool property on the market, the typical time your house may languish there is 156 days (over five months). The average time on the market is 232 to 284 days, from over seven to over nine months. This means you could be waiting over six months for a sale when one is likely, or over nine months if a sale is not on the horizon.

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The Benefits of Dealing With Us at Sell Property Fast Cash:

•  Your money can be in your bank account in as little as 10 days
•  Free home valuation and offer to purchase
•  We do not reduce our offer at the last minute or try to alter the deal
•  We buy any kind of property in the condition that we find it
•  We sell property fast in all areas of Liverpool

Do You Need To Sell Your Home Quickly? Sell Property Fast Cash can cement the deal in 7 days in favourable circumstances.

Did you know that under half of properties placed on the market in 2012 were sold? You can expensively renovate your property for a quick sale but a market change can give you months of waiting. Then there’s the hassle of people traipsing around your home viewings or even of your property not being sold.

We can’t predict what the housing market will do but there are options to sell property fast in Liverpool.  If you must sell your home quickly, we arrange a valuation of your home with no obligation and give you a competitive purchase offer in under 8 hours.

Correct Home Valuation is the KEY Point!

Before putting your property on the market it’s important to understand the sold prices in your local area. Look at the range of prices other homes marketed in your neighbourhood and compare differences in value, condition and specification. It’s unlikely you will sell your home easily unless you do your research and value your property accurately for the present market.

Estate Agent Valuations

Qualified chartered surveyors are the only professionals who carry out independent home valuations. Most of us assume estate agents value property on behalf of property sellers but this is not correct. Estate agents may indicate a recommended asking price which is higher than realistic because they wish to make the listing.

You need to be realistic in setting the price for your home. Make sure you ask several agents to value your property if you decide not to pay a chartered surveyor to do it for you. Never settle for the first valuation you are given as valuations can differ by thousands or perhaps tens of thousands in different areas of Liverpool.

Empty Property

Do you have an empty property? An empty property loses you money month by month. It could be a good option to rent it out until you find a suitable buyer. What exactly is your empty property costing you? The average rents for properties in Liverpool are:

•  One bedroom £436
•  Two bedroom £525
•  Three bedroom £622

Empty Liverpool Homes

So in a year you could be losing from £5,200 to £7,400 by leaving your property vacant. And when it is vacant there are risks:

• It will reduce in value
• It will deteriorate faster from damp and lack of maintenance
• It may be subject to crime, dumping, vermin and vandals.
Your council may then charge you to clear these problems up

Sell property fast with trusted Liverpool home buyers.

We provide all callers with free advice on the best ways to sell property fast in today’s market place. This includes a very competitive no-obligation purchase offer compared to other home buyer companies in the UK. Call 0800 669 6784 now for more details.

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