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Tips for Selling a House with Solar Panels

Do solar panels increase house prices?

Selling a house with solar panels isn’t all that different from selling a property without them. But there are a few things you need to know if you’re going to maximise the sale price.

We’ve put together a few tips and tidbits of advice to help you navigate the house selling process. Having solar panels on your home is usually an advantage. But how can you leverage this feature for a higher selling price?

Solar panels usually increase property values

High energy-efficiency ratings increase a home’s market value. Solar panels reduce our reliance on carbon-based electricity, and they can drastically reduce energy bills.

Lower bills and helping the environment are just two of the reasons solar panels drive up property values. But there’s another. If you can contribute electricity to the National Grid, you might make some money.

The Feed-in Tariff (FIT) pays you money for the power you generate. This payment usually applies for between 20 and 25 years after installation. A home that is still making money from the FIT is generally very attractive to prospective buyers.

To sell your home, you need to provide an energy performance certificate. If you have solar panels fitted, the rating on your certificate could go up by at least two grades. And that’s a very attractive proposition to prospective buyers.

Is there a good time to sell a house with solar panels?

Once you can demonstrate the monetary and energy-saving benefits of your solar panels, you can leverage this data to increase your home’s value. Show that you have regular FIT payments and low energy bills, and you’ll attract a lot of buyers.

A few years ago, there were several schemes that offered free solar panels. But most homeowners have to pay for installation these days. If you paid for your panels, you probably wouldn’t recoup your investment for at least seven years. But if you’ve already broken even — and you’re making money — this is the perfect time to sell.

A buyer who purchases a home with solar panels that are contributing to the National Grid can benefit from them for many years. And if the warranty on the panels is still valid, all the better.

Advice for selling a house with solar panels you own

If you own your solar panels, the house selling process couldn’t be simpler. There’s no red tape, and you can leverage all the benefits to drive up the sale price. This is because you’re not bound by any contracts or restrictions.

But should you leave your solar panels in place when you sell your home? Or should you remove them and fit them to your new property? There’s a very good chance that the solar panels have increased the value of your home. Paying to have them removed and refitted, however, could cost you thousands.

Advice for selling a house with solar panels you don’t own

Do solar panels increase house prices?

If you’re still paying for your solar panels or they were installed for free, the next step is a little more complicated. The company that fitted your panels may have leased your roof. And in most cases, this lease must be transferred to the next owner. Selling a house with this type of restriction is rarely easy. You might have to purchase the contract from the solar energy company before selling.

Alternatively, you can negotiate the transfer of the lease with prospective buyers. Failing that, you can sell your house with the solar panel lease still in place directly to us. We buy houses fast. We’ll make an offer on your home that reflects its current status — so you don’t have to deal with the hassle yourself.

A few final tips

  • Assess the current status of your solar panel contract before listing your home for sale.
  • Ensure the solar panels are in good working condition before listing your home for sale.
  • Keep energy bills and records of FIT payments to demonstrate the financial viability of your solar panels.
  • Be aware that solar panels fitted after 31st March 2019 aren’t eligible for payments from the FIT scheme.

If you’d rather bypass all the hassle of selling houses with solar panels, get in touch. We buy houses for cash, we’ll tell you all the pros and cons. Sometimes we can complete purchases within 28 days!

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